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From the Desk of Steve Ensley


Originally from Michigan and now a resident of Florida, Mr. Ensley has forty-four plus years experience in the computer and communications technology industry ranging from programming and systems to data communications and networking. This experience includes thirty plus years in management positions and over 17 years in Internet safety.  In addition he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids Michigan.

In 1997, Mr. Ensley was selected to organize and start up an Internet Filtering and ISP company called American Family Online. In the years since the operation began, he has seen the organization grow to provide services all over the world with web filtering, email filtering, mobile filtering and many other services.  He has committed his life and career to helping protect families. In 2002, Mr. Ensley acquired American Family Online and relocated the ministry to Florida.

Now as an owner, he is even more deeply committed to helping protect families from the dark side of the Internet. As a Christian husband, father and grandfather, Mr. Ensley knows the critical need for personal values and has dedicated his company and his life to helping to protect families and individuals from the dark side of the Internet.

Mr. Ensley has spoken nationally to Home School, Pro-Life, Christian World View and other groups about faith and Internet issues. This includes Christian satellite TV and Christian radio for which he is often consulted for interviews and expertise regarding technology, safety and the Internet.

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Steve Ensley - CEO
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