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From the Desk of Steve Ensley

Is Hate rhetoric out of control in our culture?

As a result of the shooting of Congressman Scalise and 4 others last week, I have observed talk show after talk show speculating on the impact of hate rhetoric. Of course both sides blame the other and round and round we go. The real truth is human nature props itself up on condemning the behavior of "others" and spreading gossip. 

The reality is we are all guilty of speech harmful to others. Of course most of us don't condone shooting another person, but still we engage in dialog that is demeaning or even outright hateful to others. I am no theologian nor am I a psychiatrist but I AM an Internet safety expert and I can say with absolute certainty that the Internet is helping to exponentially increase hateful rhetoric. 

If we as individuals, professionals, pastors and parents do not address the root cause of hate and endeavor to be more Christ like, then this carnage we see will grow to overwhelm and consume all of us. 

It is the job of all of us to be a prophet, priest and king for our families and all those around us. It is also our responsibility to stop ignoring the 800lb gorilla in the room and to begin monitoring and moderating our Internet behavior. 

Of course the Internet is not the only means of spreading hate, but it is by far the primary vehicle for for this purpose and for programming our minds to believe violence is the solution. Violent online games and social sites are the vehicles, the Internet is the highway. 

Please do not be the next Internet victim. I would be happy to provide interviews or presentations at no charge if I can help in your area of influence with education and information regarding Internet safety for all. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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