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From the Desk of Steve Ensley

Online porn to boom in next five years, thanks to smartphone growth: Study

Smart phones for the most part have unlimited access to the Internet!  The key word is UNLIMITED!  Anything and everything, including all the destructive content like pornography, is availible to smart phone owners.  To make matters worse a huge percentage of smart phone users are children.   Does anyone think it is a good idea to give a child an unfiltered smart phone?  If so, please think again!  If a parent gives a child a smart phone that is unfiltered, they have just put the devil in the child's pocket!

Fortunately there is a great filter option.  The child may not appreciate the restrictions, but what is more important safety or fitting in with the peer crowd?

Here is the article on the study, but be warned, it is disturbing!

Author: India Today Tech   20150716     Status: on

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