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For more than 20 years, AFO has been providing products and sevrices to help protect families fromt the dark side of the Internet.
This list of articles is offered to help provide knowledge for Internet users in order to avoid troubles and dangers.
For more information on these products and services please visit or call 850.362.6180.

     Hackers use eskimming to hover near online shopping carts   2019-10-23
     Massive attack running wild (adults only)   2019-10-17
     Do not be duped by these phone and email scams   2019-08-16
     40 percent of children have connected with a stranger online shocking survey reveals   2019-08-15
     YouTube ad denied over Christian keyword — but Muslim keyword raised no red flags   2019-07-25
     Web users take the ultimate step to guard their data   2019-07-23
     Top 10 riskiest scams and how to protect yourself   2019-06-25
     Another study confirms p!rn functions like a drug, and it is destroying teens   2019-06-23
     A Tech Expert Says Google Chrome Has Become Spy Software   2019-06-22
     Rep. Will Hurd: I am a conservative. I was disinvited to the Black Hat Conference.   2019-06-18
     Amazon accused of using Echo Dot Kids to illegally collect data on children   2019-05-09
     Alexa has been eavesdropping on you this whole time   2019-05-07
     New tool shows how Facebook and Google track you   2019-04-28
      How Nest, designed to keep intruders out of peoples homes, effectively allowed hackers to get in.   2019-04-23
     Amazon receives thousands of fake customer reviews, report alleges   2019-04-17
     Hackers are stealing millions in Bitcoin   2019-04-16
     Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa   2019-04-11
     Email addresses of almost a BILLION people are leaked   2019-03-29
     Are wireless headsets and social media a dangerous mix for our teenagers health?   2019-03-20
     Conservatives face a tough fight as Big Techs censorship expand   2019-03-19
     Google slammed over privacy invasions in Washington hearing   2019-03-13
     At age 30 - World Wide Web is not the web we wanted   2019-03-12
     Zuckerberg wants Facebook to build a creepy mind-reading machine   2019-03-12
     Return of - Momo suicide challenge - sparks fear among parents   2019-02-28
     PayPal Censoring Groups With Help from Leftist, Anti-Christian SPLC   2019-02-27
     One in four teenage suicides involves the internet   2019-02-26
     Extortion Bitcoin scam makes unwelcome return   2019-02-20
     Facebook security app used to spy on competitors   2019-02-18
     Growing number of scammers usingnew platform   2019-02-18
     Is it love? Nope. Romance scams proliferate online.   2019-02-13
     Worried About Privacy? Worry More About Your Data   2019-02-13
     YouTube recommended self-harm videos to children as young as 13   2019-02-04
     7 ways to search without using Google   2019-01-26
     Facebook slammed for allowing - friendly fraud - as kids ran up massive bills on games   2019-01-25
     FACEBOOK - Reality check - fake users   2019-01-25
     Twitter, Facebook and Google: A Soft Form of Extremism?   2019-01-15
     Did Facebook Just Agree to Enforce Blasphemy Laws   2019-01-15
     Facebooks Secret Rulebook Against Free Speech   2019-01-15
     2018: The year of the data breach tsunami   2019-01-10
     Facebook and Twitter consult with Hamas-linked CAIR over who gets banned from their platforms   2019-01-09
     Inside Facebooks cult like workplace, where dissent is discouraged   2019-01-09
     An incredibly destructive cyberattack is a threat we must guard against   2019-01-08
     An incredibly destructive cyberattack is a threat we must guard against   2019-01-08
     WEATHER CHANNEL Sued For Selling Data Of App Users...   2019-01-08
     Snopes Paid to Push Propaganda by Facebook   2018-12-20
     Turning Off Facebook Location Tracking Does not Stop It   2018-12-22
     Facebooks audit of alleged anti-conservative bias ongoing   2018-12-10
     Facebook is the villain and we all finally know it   2018-12-07
     Amazon Starts Selling Software to Mine Patient Health Records   2018-11-27
     Google accused of manipulation to track users   2018-11-27
     DNA databases can send the police or hackers to your door   2018-10-12
     Facebook admits to massive security breach affecting 50 MILLION users   2018-09-28
     backlash over Chromes forced login policy   2018-09-25
     Apple is tracking your calls and emails to see if you are trustworthy   2018-09-22
     Facebook to Fact Check Photos, Videos   2018-09-17
     Google links phone numbers to search results ...   2018-09-17
     Facebook, Twitter and Google have failed to protect us and must do better   2018-09-06
     96 Percent of Google Searches for Trump News from Liberal Outlets   2018-08-28
     Facebook Censors Articles from Conservative About Manafort, Cohen   2018-08-24
     Facebook has TRUST ratings for users – but it won’t tell you your score   2018-08-21
     Google admits location tracking can occur even when it is turned off ...   2018-08-17
     Do you trust your computer - New film explores perils of technology   2018-08-16
     Where the creepy image for the Momo challenge came from...   2018-08-16
     Google tracks your movements, like it or not!   2018-08-13
     Spam - a popular vehicle for malware - still tricks people   2018-08-02
     Hackers account for 90% of login attempts at online retailers   2018-07-19
     I am a millennial and I am struggling with the poisonous side of social media   2018-07-16
     Is your Android phone watching you?   2018-07-06
      Yet another massive Facebook fail ...   2018-06-29
     Fortnite game has become target magnet for maleware ...   2018-06-21
     Facebook Gave Device Makers Deep Access to Data on Users and Friends   2018-06-05
     Website flaw exposed most U.S. cellphones real-time locations   2018-05-19
     The disturbing acceptance of Google's new 'smart' camera   2018-03-02
     Scam hijacks Google Chrome browser, tries to get your personal data   2018-02-08
     Google and Facebook are watching our every move online.   2018-02-01
     Facebook slammed by experts as being no place for young kids   2018-01-30
     Smart phones really are dangerous for our kids ...   2018-01-22
     Facebook to Rank News Sources by Quality to Battle Misinformation   2018-01-20
     Google Suspends Fact Check Project   2018-01-20
     Equifax hack: What we learned   2017-12-27
     Facebook just admitted that using Facebook can be bad for you   2017-12-16
     Netflix user? Do not get caught up in the latest email scam!   2017-11-08
     The Disqus Service: Security Alert: User Info Breach   2017-10-13
     Hackers are able to command Siri, Alexa in a frequency too high for you to hear   2017-09-07
     Five items to help you recover from a ransomware attack ....   2017-06-16
     How to beat ransomware: prevent, do not react   2017-05-23
     Global Cyberattack Spreads as Experts Try to Limit Damage   2017-05-15
     Do Not Open That Google Doc Unless You’re Positive It Is Legitimate   2017-05-04
     10 Ugly Numbers Describing Pornography Use in 2017   2017-04-14
     Facebook publishing child pornography   2017-04-13
     Amazon Echo and the internet of things that spy on you   2017-03-03
     ID Fraud Up Since Security Chips Put Into Play   2017-02-06
     Steer clear of these 25 weak passwords   2017-02-06
     Watch out: Gmail phishing scheme fooling laymen and tech savvy alike   2017-01-24
     Switcher Android Trojan hits routers, hijacks DNS   2017-01-24
     Do not fall for this new Chrome malware scam.   2017-01-19
     Coalition Seeks to Punish Social Media for Hate Speech
    ... but who defines hate?
     The Boogyman Exists! - A must view video about smart phone safety!   2017-01-12
     Hack-proof your life: 5 key steps to boost your safety online   2017-01-07
     Protect your phone from secret spyware   2016-12-31
     Forgers Use Fake Web Users to Steal Real Ad Revenue   2016-12-20
     Vast online dangers threaten curious kids   2016-12-12
     Facebook developing artificial intelligence to flag offensive live videos   2016-12-01
     Malware attack hits one million google accounts ..   2016-12-01
     Great - Now Even Your Headphones Can Spy on You   2016-11-22
     Losing their touch: Smartphone home buttons are on the way out   2016-11-21
     Creepy new website makes its monitoring of your online behavior visible   2016-11-21
     Warning over Tinder-like app for teenagers   2016-11-21